7 Must-Read Pointers For Pilates Beginners

First off, congratulations on trying something new and making the effort to improve your physical fitness. With that said, let's dive into 7 tips for beginners in pilates.

The first tip is the easiest one for you to accomplish. You should make sure you wear clothing that is not only comfortable, but allows you full range of motion in your legs, arms, and torso. Pilates will have you doing all sorts of movements that will push your current range of motion, which is a good thing. You don't want constrictive clothing to mess your workout up.

Breathing from the back is an important concept in pilates. This rib expansion allows you to get a full breath, so make sure you feel your back and your ribs on your sides expanding when you breathe in.

It is important to keep your core contracted so that you not only get an effective core workout, but you also keep your spine stabilized. Your core's primary function is to stabilize the spine, so by keeping your core taught, you will be doing your spine a favor.

Pilates is a workout, so you will sweat. To avoid leaving sweat marks on the rebounder, if you are using one, and looking like you just stepped out of the shower during a session, you may want to keep a small towel near you so you can wipe any dripping sweat off.

Pilates helps develop the mind-muscle connection. Be mindful during the movements and pay attention to what muscles are working and if there are any other muscles that you are contracting that don't need to be active during the movement.

Your pilates mat will provide a cushioned surface for your workout, so make sure it is comfortable and of good quality. It should be textured so you won't slip, and big enough that you aren't half off of it during your workout.

The last tip is to never give up! Always remember that anything new will be challenging, simply because you haven't done it before! Don't compare yourself to people who have been doing it for months or years, just focus on doing what you are currently capable of. It's sometimes a good idea to take it easy on your first session and simply make your only goal to get through it in one piece. If you are using resistance bands, make sure you don't use too strong of a band. Many beginners shouldn't use resistance bands when starting out. When you are ready to make it more challenging, read this bodylastics resistance bands review before you make any purchases.

These were seven tips that beginners to pilates should take note of. If you apply what was discussed, you'll have a more pleasant experience.