Drink green tea for a flat stomach

You might have read about it, you might have watched a celebrity/expert swore their life upon it or you might have listened to your next door neighbour brag about its miraculous effects on their body. But, the question is why so? What is so remarkable about this drink?

Probably and by probably we mean 100%, green tea being is one of the healthiest drink to exist on earth. Not trying to be overdramatic or anything, green tea is rather a magnificent gift from God bestowed upon this human race.

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So where were we? Yes, Green Tea. My fellow readers there are undoubtedly loads of benefits of drinking green tea or as we like to call it the “magical potion”. This magical potion is rich with antioxidants and few other substances that are beneficial for your overall health.

One of the most challenging areas to lose fat is around the abdominal region. Diet and exercise is definitely important however this drink will promote fat loss. It contains minute amounts of caffeine, unquestionably better than a huge cup of Espresso loaded with milk, cream and sugar. Caffeine in general helps to increase the metabolic rate, balances the blood sugar level and promotes fat oxidation exceptionally.

Incorporating this drink in your daily routine will help you lose weight more quickly than usual in a healthier manner. The bottom line is not to overdo it and stick to 2.5 cups of green tea a day to stay on the safe side. You will begin to see a change in your body within a week and that’s a promise. That is only if you watch what you eat and exercise regularly.