What Should You Not Do When Organizing Coupons?

There are several poor methods that people use to organize their coupons. These methods should not be used because they are not helpful. They include; the clip and forget method where you clip all your coupons together but don’t have a clue of where to put them. So, you dump them in file that will soon be forgotten and they end up being placed in an unwanted items drawer in your room or office. This way you lose your coupons which could be having offers such as $10 off womens and juniors plus-size apparel purchase of $30+..

Another method that people use is the forgotten folder method. This is where you put your coupons in a very neat file in your office at home. The problem here arises when you forget that you have coupons there and you don’t check in with the file before you go out to do shopping.

The bottom of the purse method is another poor method of organising coupons. You come across a good coupon out there and you put it in your purse to keep it safe. Some few months later you come across it in your purse and realise you did not even use it and its now expired. Coupons that are not well organized and that cannot be accessed easily will not help you and will not save you money. Keep your coupons well organized for quick retrieval.