Benefits Of Primary Investor Visa

Every entrepreneur wants to invest in the business to maximize the profit and become more recognized and successful in the market. Many entrepreneurs are interested in expanding their business in a foreign country to generate more profit. The popular investor visa is the primary investor visa that allows an individual to enter the USA and work inside the USA.  The type of business depends on the investment which the person is going to make. The major benefit of this visa is that there is no limit to the renewal of the visa. It can also be said that this visa allows you to stay without actually migrating to that country.

E2 immigration visa is generally issued for two to five year periods. It is important to generate more revenues in order to keep working in the USA.  It can be renewed as long as the investor is running the business. Moreover, this visa also covers the investor’s spouse.

This type of E2 investor visa is mainly used by the real estate investors or wants to purchase a small franchise in the USA. The main purpose of this visa is to enhance the economy of that country. This visa requires a substantial amount of investment. Thus, E2 visa lasts as long as the holder maintains the investment.