Things To Consider When Buying Jeep Tires


While upgrading your jeep’s wheels adds spunk and makes your jeep look “macho”, the aesthetic look of your jeep is not the sole purpose to get new jeep tires. More importantly, it improves the performance and the durability of your vehicle, especially if you often take your jeep out on adventurous rides. Before choosing new tires for your jeep, here are some things that you need to consider:

1.       Where you will be driving

Before you purchase new tires, you must first know where you will be planning to drive your jeep. This is an important thing to consider because it will determine what you should choose. Will you be going off-road or will you mostly be on the road? Will you be driving on paved roads, muddy, or ice-paved tracks?

2.       Choosing the right rims

The material you choose will depend on the purpose of your drive. There are two categories where the tire material fits into. The first on is steel. Steel is heavier and durable which makes it a better choice for off-road driving. Alloy, the second category, is made from light materials which is suited for everyday driving. Since the weight is lighter compared to steel, its easier to start and stop the jeep.

3.       Picking the right type of tires

There are many types of tires available for your jeep. The most popular ones are the all-terrain tires (AT tires) and the mud tires (MT tires). Terrain tires are can be driven both in highways and off-roads and are less expensive compare to mud tires. Mud tires are built with more durable and heavyweight materials to fit off-roads.

4.       Plan your budget

Another thing to consider is how much you will be allotting for your new jeep tires. So, what is it worth? For all-terrain tires, the estimated cost is at $175 each, while mud tires can cost as much as $225.