Common Side Effects of Truvada

Lots of people are unaware that HIV can become imperceptible in people who take their medication consistently and properly. When this occurs, they are no longer in a position to transmit the virus. The Drug is named Truvada, created by Gilead Sciences. It's been around for years as part of the treatment regime for those infected with HIV.


In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Truvada as a daily medical program for individuals without HIV seeking to prevent infection. The method of using the medication as an HIV edition of birth control is known as pre-exposure prophylactic, or prEP. Individuals who meet this description are qualified for free, no-obligation case reviews with a lawyer managing national Truvada issues lawsuit claims.

The drug is a blessing for anybody having unprotected love relations (though Gilead encourages users to still engage in safer  relation practices, along with the drug Does not shield from other types of diseases) or for anyone who's uninfected Who's in a relationship with someone with HIV. The medication isn't cheap, costing thousands of dollars annually, but as a result of the FDA approval it's covered by some health plans. Read more at

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