A Leaf Vacuum Is Great For Quick Yard Clean Up

Are you thinking about purchasing a leaf vacuum?  If you want to make cleaning your yard, sidewalk and driveway fast and easy, consider purchasing one of the new leaf vacuums.  The leaf vacuum is easy to use and has no outside moving parts that would pose a hazard for small children.  All you need is the leaf vacuum, an extra long heavy duty extension cord and you can vacuum the leaves and debris and make the outside of your home look great.  No more piled up leaves stuck under your bushes or in corners—your leaf vacuum will take care of these for you.

Years ago, the employees who worked for large companies or building complexes went out with rakes and brooms to clean up and bag debris. Today, this same employee can use a much smaller leaf vacuum and he can reduce the amount of time required to clean the landscape and parking lots. The use of leaf vacuum has increased efficiency and reduced the time needed to clean very large areas. 

If you are planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you need to do some research on the different types and styles available. Consumer Reports is always a good way to check on products, they are completely unbiased and provide the facts about each product.  You can select a smaller hand-held leaf vacuum that runs on electric.  Another option if you have a very large yard to clean would be to purchase a leaf vacuum that is much larger and runs on gasoline. There are even some leaf vacuums that you can ride that look similar to a riding lawnmower.

One specific item to watch for is to see whether or not the debris being sucked in has to pass by the fan.  If it does, the fan in the leaf vacuum can become easily damaged if you pick up other debris such as small rocks.

Many different companies have developed and sell different kinds of leaf vacuums for the general public.  Some have very high speeds and are able to suck up even the most stubborn leaves and debris in your yard.  One of the popular models is Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum, 3670G.

There are many pros and cons to using a leaf vacuum.  A definite benefit is that you can quickly sweep a drive or walkway clean.  The negative is that the majority of the hand-held leaf vacuums are electric and you must have a cord long enough to go around your yard.

The leaf vacuum should be easy to use and you should not need a machine with a lot of bells and whistles on it.  Its purpose is to suck up leaves and lawn debris and it should do this job efficiently and without a lot of backbreaking work.  Some leaf vacuums shred the leaves and turn them into mulch that goes directly into the vacuum bag.  Many users like this option of mulching the leaves because it saves them money.  They place the mulch they have created directly around the plants and trees in the yard.

No matter which leaf vacuum you choose, you will enjoy the speed and ease of cleaning your yard without lifting a rake or manually bagging the debris.