Traveling With Your Baby by Air Made Easy

Air travel with a baby can be difficult, but not if you're properly prepared for it. This can be pretty easy, though, due to the many modern conveniences that have been invented for new parents ever since the invention of flying itself. The past few decades have been particularly helpful, with special seats designed just for air traveling babies.

For the airport, you'll want a wrist link for your baby if they're able to walk around. This makes sure they don't get lost and no one tries to snatch them up. You can see what product I'm talking about here:

You'll want to plan out your seating ahead of time. When you fly, you'll likely have a child safety restraint with you and there are only certain seats that you'll be allowed to use it in. When planning seating, try to get close to the front of the plane, because the back is noisier and more turbulent. Your trip will be smoother if you can get towards the front.

Board with your baby last after everyone else has. This may sound counterintuitive, but your baby won't be on the plane as long and they're less likely to get hurt in the chaos that is the boarding process of the flight. People reaching into overhead bins may accidentally drop things while trying to put them up there and the last place you want them dropping things is on your kid.

Make sure you have extra formula and baby food with you. You could unexpectedly get stuck somewhere with your baby and not be able to get a flight for a day or two; you don't want to be out of food in that time!

Speaking of feeding, if you end up in a layover somewhere and end up staying the night, are inflatables the best infant travel tub for this situation. If you end up in a hotel room, you'll need somewhere safe to bathe your baby.

Finally, buy a seat for your baby instead of holding them in your lap the whole trip. A baby is heavy and in a turbulent flight, you're not going to be able to hold onto them tight enough to keep them from getting hurt. A seat is the safest option here; don't risk your baby's safety by not bringing an FAA approved seat or other restraint for their age and size. It's not worth it.