The Science Based Six Pack Intermittent Fasting Schedule Systematically Burns Fat

Long gone are the times when people were advised to eat several meals throughout the day to maintain a proper weight and a reasonable amount of body fat. Today, "fasting and feasting" seems to be the way to go.

For your body to burn the excess fats, you are advised to fast for about twelve to eighteen hours after which you can eat for the remaining eight hours. Fasting and feasting is another term used to describe intermittent fasting. The idea was derived from the Muslim tradition of fasting during the Ramadhan and feasting later in the evening.

Thomas Delauer's Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting schedule allows your body to burn stubborn fats stored around the lower abdomen during the fasting hours. When your body enters the post-absorptive state, insulin levels go down, and the body starts to burn the excess fats.

According to the scientific research, it is during the fasting period, or the so called fasted state, that the body releases catecholamine to the blood. The decrease in insulin levels and fatty acids gives brings about an energy deficit state that promotes the release of catecholamine to help break down the fats to supply energy to the body.

The low insulin levels that the body experiences during intermittent fasting inhibits production of a2 receptors and accelerates the production of b2 receptors which are used to break the stubborn fats stored around the lower abdominal area. The Science Based Six Pack intermittent fasting plan allows unwanted fats to be mobilized and broken down so that the abdominal muscles below the fat become visible.

It is also good to note that during the intermittent fast, there is more blood circulating the abdominal subcutaneous layers making it easy for catecholamine to break the fats. When you are eating, the levels of insulin and fatty acids are elevated, and during this state there is zero fat burning. In the Science Based Six Pack Thomas Delauer recommends men stick to an eight hour eating period and up to sixteen fasted hours for natural abs.